Mother's celestial inspirations

The way we see things changes

By Cal Garrison, a.k.a. Mother of the Skye

This week’s Horoscopes are coming out under a Void-of-Course Cancer Moon, with aspects that include Mercury’s entrance into the sign of the Scorpion, along with a conjunction between Venus and Mars at the 23rd and 24th Degrees of Virgo.

As far as that goes, it’s a sign to take it easy as we enter the day; don’t rush, don’t obsess about being on time — give yourself whatever it takes to fortify your spirit for the upcoming week.

The fact that Mercury has moved from Libra to Scorpio is huge. Mercury governs the way we think. Well known to be the archetype for sweetness and light, when the way we think is vibrating on the Libran frequency, there is a happy face and a box of chocolates sprinkling fairy dust on our point of view. When Mercury leaves that zone, it is like it slams up against a brick wall — because Scorpio’s vibration is a totally different ball game. Mercury in Scorpio creates a much more Gothic outlook. It stimulates our X-ray vision and enlightens the piece that actually has the capacity to look below the surface. I have a feeling the way we see things is about to shift to a place that will require us to embrace both the darkness and the light.

As far as the Venus-Mars conjunction goes, it means that the female principle and the male principle are on the same bandwidth. This is significant for a lot of reasons. It suggests that for the next week or so, men and women might be able to communicate with more ease than usual; we might even be able to touch down on subjects that would normally be hard to bring up.

Just for kicks, let’s take a look at the Sabian Symbol for the 23rd and the 24th Degrees of Virgo, to see if it helps us understand what’s going on with Venus and Mars: I am using both symbols because Venus and Mars are half-way between the two.

Virgo 23 Degrees: “A lion tamer displays his skill and character” represents the need to tame one’s vital energies in order to fulfill one’s destiny.

Virgo 24 Degrees: “Mary and her lamb” represents the need to keep a vibrant and pure simplicity at the core of one’s being as one meets the many tests of existence.

Amen! Interesting combo… The message seems to be, bring all of who we are to the fore, with confidence and aplomb, and remember to keep innocence, trust, and humility alive in the act of searching out and actualizing our sense of purpose. Take it for what it’s worth, and enjoy this weeks’ Scopes.

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