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The sky is quiet, but it’s speaking

This week is another strangely quiet week in the sky. Mercury is now back in forward motion which may help reveal new information or see something in a new light. As confusion or concerns begin to sort themselves out, Mercury will form another link to Pluto – bringing back themes from late April and May that you may be able to finally sort through, figure out and close the case on.

Venus, the planet of love, beauty and pleasure, bumps into Uranus over the weekend – an event that happens once a year. You might realize you’re ready for a change to the status quo in one part of your life where you normally like things solid and stable. For some, yes, Venus will relate to relationship; for others, it may be about money or family. Whatever it is, breaking free of stuck and stagnant patterns may provide just the push you need to gather momentum and progress.
As both Mercury and Venus are visible as morning stars, their movements may pack more of a punch than normal. Honest conversations may pave the pathway forward – for better, for worse, and everything in between. Just because the sky is quiet, doesn’t mean it’s not speaking!

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