“The Road to Nowhere”

Dear Editor,

Another winter has come, and another disappointment by our town’s entrepreneurs. Have you looked at Killington Road in the evening? The town wanted to create a “sense of arrival,” but the effort from the business community is dismal! Let’s start at the bottom of Killington Road. The two ski shops have nary a light on their building. And just recently the Chamber put up some garlands. As you proceed up the road not a holiday light is visible. From the top of West Hill Rd with the exception of the center island and the Foundry, the next five businesses have not a single solitary decoration on their buildings other than the usual flood lights that prevail throughout the year. Take a good look, some of our most popular restaurants and watering holes have nothing. With the exception of a few, the road looks like a ghost town. It’s our most important time of the year. We should be going all-out to attract the visitors who come here, so when we offer summer events they’ll know that we are a town they would want to visit. Our town wants to build more sidewalks, to nowhere, eliminate a part of Killington Road to cause serious traffic problems, create a sitting park that no one will use, hire more consultants just to pay them to “consult”—another waste of our money. We are on a downhill slide, there are a half dozen businesses and hotels that are for sale, or have already closed. And most have been on the market for years. The only thing we can count on is our taxes going up. Wake up, Killington!

Richard Kropp, Killington

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