The road to disaster

Dear Editor,

I guess it is hard to prevent accidents before they happen, such as that horrific one that occurred in our town last week. What could we have done? Anything?

Well, my friends, disaster has been staring us right in the face. While returning from Rutland this past Friday, as I reached the top of the pass, I noticed the speed limit sign. Do you know what it read? 50 miles per hour! Yes, folks, a 50 mph limit down that steep, winding road.

At the best of times the speed limit should be a lot less. Has no one ever noticed or questioned it before? Is it OK to go 50 mph during the winter months or during a hard rain when you could easily hydroplane? At the bottom of the pass, about 100 yards before you reach town it changes to 40 mph. Our town, the county, and the state need to act immediately and change the speed limit to 35 mph, top to bottom.

Richard Kropp, Killington

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