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The day out of time

By Cal Garrison

This week’s horoscopes are coming out under the light of a Cancer Moon, four days after the  Day Out of Time, and three days after the beginning of the Galactic New Year.

Based on the 13 moon calendar—seven days to a week, four weeks to a month, 52 weeks  a year — all of which adds up to 364 days — in the Mayan, the Polynesian, and the Druidic traditions the Day Out of Time is the 365th  day of the year. On that day, Mother Earth meets a still point, a moment that is analogous to the open space that exists between the inhale and the exhale of every breath we take. Traditionally honored on July 25, the Day Out of Time is a day for sacred pause, and joyous celebration prior to the dawning of the Galactic New Year, which always begins on July 25.

With the approach of the new moon in Cancer, coming up on July 31, the business of getting off to a whole new start is amplified. Cancer is the sign of the Universal Mother; it is the womb of creation. Within that space there is an opening that allows us to create anything we want.

If New Age constructs have led us to believe that we can manifest our heart’s desire just by thinking about it, what they fail to tell us is that these things are not of the mind, and by extension, they have nothing to do with the ego, which is always working at cross purposes with the higher self. Our capacity to create depends entirely upon our level of consciousness, and upon the depth of our connection to what lies within.

Most of us have a tough time understanding this because we have been programmed to believe that the brain is in charge, and that everything comes from the mind. What no one told us is that the heart started beating before the brain was even formed. Think that over for two seconds; the heart has its own consciousness. Our higher power resides there, and the mind, or the ego is subservient to it. Interestingly, the tongue is the connecting link between the heart and the mind. This may have something to do with what we call the power of the word, in the sense that the tongue is the organ that transfers the wisdom of the heart, to the mind.

But I digress. The point of all of this is to remind us that in the midst of the long list of outer distractions that are currently taking our attention off the things that matter, something much deeper and more powerful is going on. If we could stop long enough to wrap our minds around it, we would know enough to go within and be reminded that the mind has only questions – the heart has only answers. This becomes super important for those of us who pay lip service to the idea that we are part of the greater whole and who claim to be awake and aware at a moment in time when the entire galaxy is at a reset point.

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