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The concept of “The Father” is tested, detach from old beliefs

By Cal Garrison, a.k.a. Mother of the Skye

This week’s Horoscopes are coming out under the light of a full, Sagittarius Moon, with aspects that look like we’re in for a few days of ease and calm. The lighthearted vibe that underlies everything when the Sun is in Gemini plays a big part in this. The fact that Astraea, Mercury, Mars, Siwa, and Pandora are ALL passing through the sign of The Twins, adds a huge amount of information to the puzzle of: “What’s going on?” and increases the realm of possibility to include the idea that there is no limit, and nothing to hold us in place, or keep us attached to any particular point of view.

The surface transits that appear to be making everything copacetic will make it possible for us to get along. There is a willingness to cooperate because even the most insensitive among us will be well aware that all Hell could break loose if anyone lets their true feelings out of the box. There will also be situations in which the concept of “Going along with the program” will be easier than any desire to emphasize our differences, or rock the boat.

I see lots of good changes evolving out of various forms of disillusionment. Neptune is in charge of our illusions. At the moment he is involved in a T-Square with Siva, Astraea, Mercury, and the Moon. The sense that everything we ever thought to be true is turning out to be false could be strong for many of us. The concept of “The Father” is also being tested.

This makes perfect sense. As the Male Paradigm fades out, it stands to reason that we, individually and collectively, will continue to have our perceptions of the “Father” archetype tested by experiences that call us to find that energy, and embody that principle on our own terms, within ourselves.

This will be easier said than done. That program is so deeply embedded, God knows what the process of putting the Old Man to rest will feel like from person to person. Look for themes that relate to all of our oldest stuff, the stuff that we never knew was even there. What has been buried in the deepest recesses of our memory is about to rise to the surface — because it has to, in order for any of us lay claim to the thought of moving on.

There is always more to say. Once I get going it’s hard to stop. On that note I will leave you with best wishes, and a Happy Full Moon to all of you! I hope you find something useful in this week’s ‘scopes.

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