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Thanks for help with animals

Dear Editor,

Vermont Volunteer Services for Animals Humane Society would like to thank all the people that volunteered at our annual July 4 festivities in Woodstock. Thanks to friends and volunteers who were able to pull it off for another year! If any nonprofit organization would like to take over this event, we can assure you that the children and their families look forward to it every year. Contact us at 672-5302 for details.

I’d like to recognize three Windsor County people that have helped VVSA with humane investigations and the drafting of legislation for the welfare of animals:

David Singer, running for Windsor County assistant judge, was responsible along with former state’s attorney Bobby Sand, to assure that animal neglect and cruelty were included in the municipal ticketing system. This was a huge step forward as some states attorneys do not have time or inclination to address animal cruelty. If elected, David would hear cases involving animal cruelty and neglect. He’s already demonstrated his desire to advocate for animals in this last legislative session.

Sen. Dick McCormack had the strength of character to introduce legislation that would have banned the use of leg hold traps—excruciatingly painful devices randomly trapping any animal including companion animals. Animals often attempt to chew their trapped leg off in order to escape and survive. The Senate Natural Resources and Energy Committee passed the decision to a Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department Board—consisting of trappers and hunters. Seriously? We asked the Senator to take up this issue again.

Tom Battista, running for Windsor County sheriff educated us on the proper and effective method of applying for search warrants. Having over 20 years of experience as a police officer, he has proven to be invaluable in developing effective means of curtaining animal cruelty.

Sue Skaskiw,

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