Thank you, Poultney voters

Dear Editor,

We, the SVA Board of Directors, wish to thank the voters of Poultney for approving a tax exemption for Stone Valley Arts at Fox Hill. As promised, we will invest these tax savings directly into the rehabilitation and preservation of this historic building.

Our goal is to use these funds to help leverage a much larger investment in the local economy through grants and programs, and to create a net economic gain for Poultney. These tax savings will help to further the goals and objectives of the Poultney Town Plan, especially the need to “expand opportunities in the creative economy.” The Vermont Council on Culture and Innovation defines creative economy as “those creative businesses, non-profit cultural organizations, and self-employed artists that strengthen the overall economy through their creativity, innovation, and commitment to quality of life and sense of place.”

SVA’s mission: “To inspire community interest and participation in the arts by offering a wide variety of educational and cultural programs and events,” directly supports the creative economy.

In addition to economic benefits, art centers contribute to sustainable and resilient communities.  SVA at Fox Hill is your community art center; everyone is welcome!  Come to an event, view an art exhibit, take a class, or get involved in the preservation of this historic building. In 2018, SVA programs brought more than 2,000 visitors to the downtown. SVA has brought people together and formed communities of artists, musicians, dancers, writers, and volunteers that did not exist before. Many of these folks had never met though they had lived in close proximity for decades. And we know this is only the beginning! 

For an example of things to come, check out the new community engagement events to be held Friday evenings. All are free!

SVA Board of Directors: Erika Lawlor Schmidt, executive director; David Mook, past president; Rod Bell, treasurer; Burnham Holmes, secretary

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