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Support the Regional Marketing Initiative

Dear Editor,

As the owner of a local business, parent of two wonderful children and resident of Rutland, I am writing in support of our regional marketing initiative. The initiative has been created by a group of volunteers who have put forth tremendous time and energy in an effort to stabilize and grow our local and regional economy. They have answered the call of social responsibility, an ethical framework that calls on everyone whether as an organization or individual, to act for the benefit of society at large. It is humbling and inspiring to see what can be accomplished when people come together behind the mission to make their community a better, healthier, more vibrant place.

Now everyone has an opportunity to do their part. On Town Meeting Day, the communities of Rutland Town, Clarendon, Killington, Middletown Springs and Mendon will be asked to support a ballot item that provides for financial support of this project. I encourage voters to vote in favor of the regional marketing initiative, for your family, your community and the sustainable economic future of our county and Vermont!


Russ Marsan, Rutland

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