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Stop second-guessing

By Cassandra Tyndall

It could be a dusty start to the month of August, not unlike a plume of dust that lingers after an explosion or the devastation after a violent storm. You might be feeling the remnants of turbulence, volatility or uncertainty either from the change that you instigated or the change that happened to you. As the adrenaline wears off, use this week to recover and look toward new territory.

By mid-week, thinking planet, Mercury moves into one of his favorite signs – Virgo. Thus, you may be better equipped to reason, develop a strategy or make plans. Despite this, this week may feel like a teething period. Once the electric flash of excitement from making a hasty and authentic choice has ceased reverberating through the air, there is a still and eerie silence. The meanwhile. That time in between making a decision and the ability to take action can be fatiguing, potentially even a little uncertain. Mercury in Virgo, while exacting, can be prone to overthinking and second-guessing. Just because things are moving slower, doesn’t mean they’re not moving. This is your time to reinforce your choices, hone in your focus and prepare yourself for the long and winding road ahead. 

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