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Stephanie Jerome is a strong advocate for our communities

Dear Editor,

I encourage voters in Sudbury, Brandon, and Pittsford to join me in re-electing Stephanie Jerome for the Vermont House of Representatives.

Jerome has spent her first term working on issues that help our state’s small communities and businesses thrive. Over the past two years, she has served on the House Commerce and Economic Development Committee, the new Joint Small Business Solutions Task Force, and the Regional Economic Development Grants committee.

During the Covid-19 emergency order, she led the Legislative Action Team, working tirelessly with 25 legislators to help 2,300 Vermonters who had extreme difficulty accessing unemployment insurance. As a millennial who has worked remotely for several years, high-speed Internet is important to me, and Stephanie Jerome has connected local leaders with broadband development, ensuring all homes and businesses will have access.

Born and raised in Vermont, she has 30 years of experience as a business owner, in public service, and as a volunteer in local government, business, health, arts, and education organizations.

In addition to her strong leadership, she is very approachable. When I first met Stephanie Jerome, I was struck by how friendly and energetic she is. She’s very communicative and shares updates with the community on a number of platforms and hosts regular constituent meetings in our towns. She believes that every Vermonter should have the opportunity to earn a livable wage, receive high-quality affordable healthcare, get a great education, enjoy a healthy environment, and retire with security.

She has been a strong voice for our communities in Montpelier, and I am proud to vote for Stephanie Jerome to continue representing Sudbury, Brandon, and Pittsford.

Joanna Tanger,


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