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Proud to be represented by Shaw

Dear Editor,

My name is Benjamin Wimett. I’m a lifelong resident of Brandon. I also happen to have cerebral palsy and cannot walk. Therefore, I use an electric wheelchair for mobility.

A couple of years ago on a rainy, nasty afternoon after doing my civic duty and voting, I made my way back to my van so that my caregiver could give me a ride home. If you’ve ever voted at the town hall, parking is at a premium, so I had to park across the street on an area that had not been paved for some time. I got stuck, really stuck, in the mud.

There were probably a couple of dozen citizens and at least half a dozen people that were on the ballot that day watching me and my caregiver struggle to get me back on firm ground. Out of everyone that was there, Butch Shaw was the only one who immediately stopped what he was doing to help.

That is just one of many examples of way I am proud to have Butch Shaw represent me in the Vermont House of Representatives. Whenever I’ve had concerns about things Shaw not only immediately hears my concerns but also follows up and lets me know what he’s doing to resolve them. If I’ve had ideas on now to streamline things, he’s brought them up to the right commissioners and done whatever he could to get the ball rolling.

I am proud to be represented by Shaw. He doesn’t have a personal agenda and he’s not in it for the wrong reasons. He  is in Montpelier to represent you and treats everybody the same. I often hear people say we need more genuine, real people at the statehouse. Well, they don’t get any more genuine than Butch Shaw.

Thanks, Butch.

Benjamin Wimett, Brandon

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