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Standing still

By Cassandra Tyndall

A song was quite famous here in Australia several years ago called “One Crowded Hour.” That’s how this week’s Solar Eclipse will likely feel. While technically an eclipse in Aries, its energy swiftly captures the Sun’s entrance into Taurus as our brightest star clashes with Pluto. This eclipse might feel like you’ve turned up to a party, confident and excited to make your appearance, only to realize you got the dress code wrong. Mortified and embarrassed, you attempt to minimize your presence, despite everyone staring at you. Do you run? Do you hide? Or do you boldly walk through the crowd of staring faces of dropped jaws and necks adorned with pearls clutched?

In that space between worlds, where time collapses into a single moment while you’re straddling the past and the future, you remember you’re in the present and the now. Despite the confusion and the uncertainty when just a second feels like an hour, everything changes. While seemingly standing still, you make your move. You don’t know where you’re going and you can’t remember where you’ve been. No matter what it is you’re wearing, decide to take the next step.

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