Sold: The Inn at Six Mountains, major renovations planned

By Polly Lynn

KILLINGTON — On Feb. 28, The Inn at Six Mountains sold for $3.3 million to a group of investors. Killington Hospitality Group 1 LLC, a Vermont-based company owned by John Kalish, and Innisfree Hotels, a Florida-based resort company are two major investor groups involved in the purchase and renovation plans. They will now embark on a multi-million dollar renovation of the property, transforming and rebranding the hotel into a comfortable all-season resort, according to a recent Innisfree Hotels release.

Investors plan to to spend $2-$3 million to renovate the Killington Road property, which was built in the late 1980s. Plans call for all rooms to be renovated top to bottom, as well as significant work to the the lobby, restaurant, kitchen and two pools.

“It will be an idyllic setting for weddings, corporate retreats and outdoor events of all kinds,” said Jill Thomas, Innisfree chief marketing officer in the release. The 104-room lodge will feature high-end amenities to accompany its picturesque backdrop adjacent to the 18-hole Killington Golf Course. “We hope to start the renovation in early fall and be finished in time for 2016 ski season,” Thomas added.

Kalish says this deal is the first of its kind in the state from the standpoint of purchasing an established condo hotel and converting it to a privately held single asset hotel.

“With the highly anticipated renovations and our strong partnership, I am very confident that this property will be repositioned as the best hotel in the market,” Kalish said. “It is our goal to provide comfortable accommodations and unmatched customer service in a beautiful environment. We plan to be very engaged with the local business communities and look forward to providing a place our friends and neighbors will be proud of.”

Killington is one of the top 10 most visited resorts in the world and the largest ski and snowboard resort in Eastern North America with over 70 miles of skiable terrain. Its 3,050-foot vertical drop and world-renowned snowmaking and grooming coverage have made this destination a perennial favorite for outdoor enthusiasts. Skiing, golfing, hiking, fishing, mountain biking, summer festivals and fall foliage round out the resort’s annual recreation attractions, making it an ideal location for investment, the release stated.

“After seeing the commitment of Killington’s owners, Powdr Corp, to invest in the mountain and improve the village we decided to make an investment, too,” said Julian MacQueen, Innisfree’s CEO and founder. “We look forward to other opportunities in the area with the same upside potential.”

Innisfree Hotels, established in 1985, owns or manages over 2,000 hotel rooms, with about1,300 employees. The company has developed over $300 million in resorts, hotels, motels, retail centers, and condominium projects.

5 comments on “Sold: The Inn at Six Mountains, major renovations planned

  1. I started working at the Inn as a Houseman six months after it opened in the winter of 88/89 R. K. R. ( the owners) had hired a management company to furnish and run the Inn, it was grand indeed with all the silver that some of the housekeepers were walking out with by the pillow case full, so they started locking that stuff up, but by the first spring it was apparently obvious that the management company was running them in the ground, so they laid off almost all of the employees except the managers, and a couple of those were replaced to save money that’s when the Director of maintenance said he liked my work ethic and my attendance, this was who would become my new boss Howard Lerman, great guy and who also helped build the Inn so I became the maintenance guy, and pool attendent for the first year, then I was able, and put in charge of interviewing and hiring pool attendents for day, and night shift, housekeeping was able to hire more and kitchen also the Inn cost $10, and half million to build in 1988, and we put alot more money into it, we were packed for the 3,years I was there, we wanted everything to be perfect for our guests, and we were like a family it was great also after a couple of years it now became RKR, AND V Corp which was Howard Rosin, Vic Kolliena (probably spelled wrong) Mike Rosin ( Howard’s son, And Brian Vail) they owned 20 something rooms, the rest were sold separately, and all were rented on a varionce, the Inn realy did take off, I took my ex wife there for a few days back in the late 90’s, and I saw such a decline in the maintenance of the place, we went to use the Hot Tub, and the water in the indoor one was green, I called down to the front desk and told the nice gal that there person taking care of the pool area needs to add chlorine to the hot tub, I felt bad, as I, and my boss, and co worker’s took pride in how everything was maintained, I wanted to jump in and fix everything myself, like I used to lol, so sorry the place got sold, and hope it goes back to it’s original glory, I would go back, to be in charge of maintenance, just to be privileged enough to be able help restore her to the Inns original glory! Ron Jones, rontjones63@Gmail.com

  2. Stayed there back in 2000…. They were filming an avalanche disaster movie in the area next to the huge fireplace. Hope the new owners breathe life back into this place.

  3. What is the new name of the Inn of Six Mountains. We stayed there and really like it.we would love to stay again especially for leaf peeking season. Thank you kathy

  4. My husband and I started staying at the Inn of the Six Mountains just after its opening in the 80’s. It was amazing! Beautiful interior and exterior! The restaurant had delicious food…the bar, fantastic….the staff…professional and caring! We stayed there every autumn ( yes, leaf peepers!) For many years. Then, we could never get a reservation because they only catered to your buses. We did stay for one night back in 2010…..accommodation were very sad. The same decor and bedding from the late 80’s! Bar was never open and the restaurant was only open a couple of nights a week. Would love to stay there again after it reopens!. It was a real treasure….I hope it will be again!

  5. I’m 66 and have traveled the world and have never seen a more dysfunctional management system than the Killington Mountain Resort. 3 days without housekeeping, a bar with no bartender, etc. Everyone joking about the total inept management. The physical environment could be wonderful if they hire anyone with any management experience.knowledge

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