Solar is a selling point

Dear Editor,

I was disappointed when I learned that solar wasn’t a fit for my home. Here in Montpelier, the city has launched a Net Zero initiative—meaning we will reduce our dependence on fossil fuels by investing in renewable energy. I wanted to be a part of that movement. I wanted to do my part and power my life through solar power. Plus, I wanted to save money and smooth out my energy costs to avoid the unpredictable swings. I persevered, researched, and discovered a way that I could help support solar in Vermont: Community Solar.

I’m a member of a SunCommon community array and my membership serves both my own home and my rental property. When I talk to a new tenant, solar is the selling point. Tenants that move to Vermont want to know that their energy dollars support alternative energy growth. My tenants are jazzed and excited and feel like we’re on the cutting edge. I’m able to use solar as my marketing tool!

Vermonters have the wonderful opportunity to be a part of their clean energy future. Not every state is so fortunate. I grew up in Pennsylvania and I could see the plumes coming from the nuclear power plant as they produced dirty fossil fuels. But here in Vermont we’ve set ourselves up for a healthier and cleaner existence with solar. It’s the next wave and we need to go after it. Our landscape is not only changing, it’s improving. When I see a solar array, I see progress.

Kyle Neyer, Warren and Montpelier

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