Send Sherri Durgin Campbell to Montpelier

Dear Editor,

As the only woman candidate running for state representative from Rutland City, I am writing in support of electing and sending Sherri Durgin Campbell to Montpelier to represent the interests of the Rutland community. Sherri Durgin Campbell knows well the plight of women and will be better able to shine the light on the needs of our local women and children who are struggling due to poor economic opportunity and a lack of job training enabling them to earn a livable wage. Campbell knows that research has demonstrated when women are economically empowered, entire communities benefit. Access to cost effective reproductive health care and reasonably priced quality childcare increases women’s wage employment levels and earnings. Expanding women’s economic opportunities benefits both women and society. Documented benefits include greater investments in children, reduced poverty for all and, perhaps most consequentially, enhanced aspirations for the next generation of girls and women. Campbell knows how to get the job done. Vote for Sherri Durgin Campbell.

Kathleen Krevetski, Rutland

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