Select Board should be more thrifty with spending

Dear Editor,

Thanks to the previous Killington Select Board (Patty, Chris and Ken) I now have to pay $50 more per month towards my mortgage escrow account. I previously voted not to change the bi-annual tax collection to quarterly. Now that the quarterly annual tax collection is now changed to an “odd” three time annual tax collection, it is causing problems among Killington property taxpayers.

I am also disappointed how the library roof project was handled, a hefty price tag of $240,000 was approved for the roof project. It is unbelievable that this amount was projected on a roof of this size, a private sector would never have spent this amount, but because it was other people’s money this took place.

I own a 650-square-foot condo in Killington and my annual property tax is more than $1,700 while my mother’s 1,100-square-foot condo in an affluent area of Sarasota, Florida, pays half of what I pay in property tax annually.

I personally don’t wine and dine up on the Access Road, I refuse to get ripped off with the option tax and liquor tax. Last I heard, the option tax was suppose to be repealed, not sure if the repeal was implemented?

We need to be fiscal conservative with tax payers money, “other people’s money.” Make Killington great again…


Bob Marrama, Killington

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