Route 4: more dangerous than it looks

Dear Editor,

A few weeks ago I submitted my thoughts and concerns about the 50 mph speed limit over the Sherburne Pass, after that horrific accident that took three lives. The feedback I received was extremely positive. All who I spoke with agreed that the speed limit should be reduced; most people suggested a 40 mph limit. Today, Wednesday, Feb. 3., it’s raining, no skiing for me. I had to go to Rutland to have my puppies groomed. On the way home going over the pass there were two canals of running water flowing rapidly down the hill—a good chance to hydroplane and cause an accident.

Something needs to be done about the speed limit and the poor condition of the road. It is a federal issue that needs to be dealt with immediately through our elected officials of our town. I understand that the repair of the road might take place in two years. Meanwhile we’ll all sit here and wait for another disaster to happen. The last time it was three of our visitors; this time it might be one of our own.

Richard Kropp, Killington

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