Mother's celestial inspirations

Root dreams in the soil and they will grow

By Cal Garrison, a.k.a. Mother of the Skye

This week’s Horoscopes are coming out under the light of a Pisces Moon, in the wake of the May Day rituals: it is a powerful time of the year. If your eyes are open, you can see it everywhere. By the first of May, in the Northern part of the world, there is a green fire of leaves budding on the trees, bursting on every hillside. The rivers fill up with cool, clear water coursing down from the mountains of melting snow. Tulips and crocuses push their way up through the soft, brown earth and all this incredible beauty proves to us that whatever we have been wanting is here at last, showing itself to our senses for the first time.

One of the most important pagan cross quarters happens this month. The space between the end of April and the 6th of May, otherwise known as Beltane, is an old fertility and fire ritual that has been going on since the time before time. Back in the day, huge bonfires lit up the hillsides on the eve of May 1. People took turns jumping over them to insure fecundity, longevity, lasting love, or whatever. Driving their herds through the ashes of these fires guaranteed that milk, meat, and wool would be plentiful.

The pagan people knew that the veil that separates the world of spirit from the world of men is very thin during the Beltane portal. They used this time to “ground” everything they wanted and wished for into the earth. Part of the ritual involved heavy doses of free love. For one week it was “OK” to go out into the woods and mate with whoever they wanted to. Wanton lust may have been the motivating factor, but underneath it all, their belief that free love would bring life to whatever they did between May and the end of October is what kept the gene pool alive.

The “Old Ways” and all forms of nature worship were outlawed in the year 433. Everyone knew what it meant when Saint Patrick usurped the power of the High King by lighting the first Beltane Fire. If what the pagan people did seems barbaric to us it’s only because we’ve been entrained by generations of puritanical programming to see it that way.

We may be more civilized than they were but I have a feeling they were better off. It seems more joyful and honest to take pleasure in the fact that we’re human than it does to suppress the idea and have to live with what happens when the sexual instincts get twisted. In my mind, pornography, perversion, and pedophilia are a hell of a lot more barbaric than outdoor loving making on a Spring night.

I could give you a rundown on the aspects, but, you can find that anywhere. This coming month is extremely powerful. Instead of getting caught up in the mechanical aspects of our lives, all of us would be wise to take our cue from Mother Nature. Bring everything out into the open and let it form a direct connection with something positive. At this point in time we have to be able to root our dreams firmly in the soil of our lives so they will find a way to grow.

The Cosmic Female will be running the show for the next few weeks. Her energy is magnetic. If you let that force vibrate it will attract something electric, and allow you to become actively engaged in making things happen. Pull yourself together and get as real as you can about what’s important in your life at this moment.

What do you want to manifest between now and the end of October? Use Beltane to bring it into focus. Go out and get your garden planted. And with every seed you sow keep in mind that it holds much more than whatever’s in its DNA. Your dreams are there too. And I guarantee that when you look back at what you do during the next 30 days, by the 31st of October, every single one of those seeds will bear fruit. Light a few candles, tune in to your dreams, and enjoy this week’s ‘scopes.

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