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Ride the dragon

By Cassandra Tyndall

Generally speaking, in western cultures, serpents and dragons are feared. Being Australian, I do get a bit of a kick out of making my American friends a little squeamish about regular snake encounters I experience.
Truth be told, they are more afraid of us then we are of them. Nonetheless, no one like to confront situations that make us feel vulnerable, afraid or endangered.
Alas, this is exactly what the sky invites this week. Not that I’m suggesting you attempt to wrestle your local variety of python, but you might need to confront the beast within and shed some skin. Three planets – Venus, the Sun and Mercury all tangle with astrology’s sky dragon or snake this week in the lead up to next week’s lunar eclipse. Relationships and desires, issues of identity and visibility as well as communication and logistics are all undergoing their own type of skin shedding. For some, this might be a painful process of leaving something old behind. While for others, you may have to simply endure this week feeling a little itchy scratchy.
If you ignore the dragon, it will eat you. If you defy the dragon, it will overpower you. But if you ride the dragon, you will take advantage of its strength and power – Chinese Proverb

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