Mother's celestial inspirations

Return to nature

By Cal Garrison

This week’s Horoscopes are coming out on the cusp of the Moon’s passage from Cancer to Leo. I see good things holding sway over the next few days. This is a blessing for all of us, given the state of the world and the warlike energy that gets stirred up here in the States every time Memorial Day rolls around.

In the wake of the rituals that call us to honor the dead, life calls us to get real about what our next incarnation is going to look like. As far as that goes, it is the degree of the Moon that holds the key to what the present moment contains: within it the future is held. In the chart for today, the 28th Degree of the Sign Cancer is front and center. The Sabian Symbol for that point in the Zodiac reads like this:

Phase 118 (Cancer 28’): An Indian girl introduces her white lover to her assembled tribe.

Keynote: Inner rebirth through a total acceptance of the primordial values manifest in the human body and its natural functions.

“Even as this symbol was formulated in the clairvoyant’s mind, a few individuals belonging to the American intelligentsia were trying to find in their absorption into the culture of the Indian pueblos of the Southwest a solution to their intellectual artificiality and personal emotional emptiness. Fifty years later this process has gained great momentum, especially among the disenchanted youth of our affluent middle class. The soul—or in Jungian terms, the “anima”— is leading the sophisticated and colorless (white!) intellect to a level of consciousness at which man can again operate in tune with the vast process of the biosphere and recover the simplicity and the inner peace which city life and business deny.

“At this third stage of the twenty-fourth five-fold sequence the situations presented in the two preceding symbols can be seen combined and projected into a possibility of dramatic transformation. What is shown here is an emotional and warm commitment to the return to nature, which today appeals so strongly to the new generation, but which Jean Jacques Rousseau, many great Romanticists and Gauguin long ago advocated and exemplified.”

No one here needs me to interpret this imagery. If there is a way to predict the future, and the above words have anything to do with it, we’re at a point where it’s time to dump the techno-cultural, artificially generated, mental constructs that have duped us into thinking we’ve got it all figured out, and reacquaint ourselves with that which is everlasting, authentic, and real. Thinking about that, the underlying issue turns out to be: do we even know what those things look like, anymore? We are so far removed from our true nature, only God knows if we will ever be able to return to it….But then again, baby steps, baby steps. I hope you enjoy this week’s ‘scopes.


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