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Reflections on Trailblazers, the elementary school ski program

Dear Editor,
Hi, Jonas here from KES, and I love Trailblazers. I only moved up here this year, and one of my favorite things about this new school is Trailblazers. And no, it’s not just because we get out of school early. It’s riding Killington with my friends, having fun, riding all of the mountain trails and parks. You name it, we do it. It’s a great way to snowboard, ski, and just have fun with your friends.
Jonas Wysocki, grade 5, Killington Elementary School

Dear Editor,
At KES we have a special event on Thursdays: Trailblazers. Trailblazers is where everyone in the school from k-sixth grade go to Killington Mountain and ski or snowboard. I have done it since I was in kindergarten, so it is very special to me.
Trailblazers is the perfect time to have fun with friends, like an extra-long, special recess from 12-3:30 p.m. It is also a great time to socialize, because in school we only have a limited time to talk, or no one wants to talk and socialize, but at Trailblazers you can talk on the chairlift without any time limit because you are with awesome volunteers, like parents, that also want to have fun on the mountain.
Trailblazers is not a racing program or a competition or a training program.  It is just a great social event on the mountain and a time to casually ski or ride. We also get to ski or ride with friends we don’t see often because they ski race or don’t ski or ride often, so Trailblazers brings friends together no matter what they do in their spare time on the mountain.
In the end, Trailblazers is a special part of “school” for me because it is one of the few times I can hang out with all my friends for a long time and just talk and have fun on Killington.
Logan Sudol, grade 6 Killington Elementary School

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