Record proves Marc Brierre a good choice

Dear Editor,
Marc Brierre began his career with the Rutland County State “Attorney” office over 30 years ago as a prosecutor. He handled his case load and assisted where and when needed. Life was a bit easier then.
Throughout the years he changed, learned, grew and garnered the experience of those around him. This includes the office staff and attorneys.
The SA’s office has seen changes as result of technology, budget cuts, deaths, retirements, changes to the laws.  What remained constant was the commitment of the SA’s office and Marc Brierre.
Marc fulfilled the position of the county’s chief law enforcement officer for the past five years. His experience of growing up in the State’s Attorney’s office made him a perfect fit for the position.  Marc has many commitments to the courts, all Rutland county police agencies, DCF, probation and parole and of course to the citizens of the county.
In addition Marc continues to prosecute his own criminal case load. This position is not the glamour as depicted on TV.  It is hard work, loss of personal life and many unpaid hours of work.
I spent many hours with the SA’s office over my career, my statements are based on first hand experience. Marc maintains a cohesive office staff which is extremely difficult to do in light of budget cuts, changes in the law and decrease to office staff. Any person who runs a business understands the necessity of a professional office staff.  You likely won’t see Marc doing much campaigning as result of his commitment to his position, obligation to his case load and those to whom  he is responsible.  Don’t hold this against him, Marc has his priorities straight.
Experience is the best teacher. Marc Brierre has good solid experience under his belt.  A vote to keep Marc as the Rutland County State Attorney would be the best service to Rutland County.
Chris Kiefer-Cioffi, Rutland, retired Det/Cpl Rutland Police Dept.

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