Rebalance the scales

As Mercury applies the brakes and heads in reverse for the next three weeks, be prepared for topics involving communication, logistics and finance to experience delays, snafus or setbacks.

In the sign of Scorpio, Mercury invites you to take a deeper look into a particular issue. This might mean having to feel things you’d normally be too busy to fully examine. The shocking or surprising news of last week may prompt the need to ask questions and probe more deeply until you find an answer.

Action planet Mars makes it halfway through its own retrograde cycle, signalled by the face-off across the sky with the Sun. Like a wounded warrior, you may have to concede defeat, realizing some battles are no longer worth fighting.
A New Moon in Libra resets the cosmic clock where the next two weeks may highlight themes of justice and equality. Under pressure from planetary heavyweights Saturn and Pluto, negotiations or peace deals may come at a cost. Symbolized by the scales, this lunation may highlight inequality around money or access to resources.

At a personal level, you may need to rebalance the scales within a key relationship to ensure continuing peace and harmony under turbulent skies.

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