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Quiet astrological week yields time to tackle old worries

This is one of the quietest weeks astrologically that I can remember in quite some time. The good news is, there’s now a little time and space to sort through any unfinished business or ponder thoughts that flicker through your mind.

Later in the week, Mercury will hit the brakes and wind up his retrograde phase that began mid-May. As Mercury faces forward, he will confront the most notorious fixed star in the sky —  known as Caput Algol. Planetary stations can be an intense period at the best of times, but even more so with the star.

This week may bring details into the light that are worrisome or stressful. If you’ve already been dealing with a difficult situation, there may be one more proverbial ghoul you may need to slay before you can move forward. Bear in mind, that ghouls could be the thoughts that play on repeat in your own mind. 

One interesting feature of Algol that tends to be overlooked is that she is a fearsome protector and the teller of truth. If you’re “losing your head” over something, this week will likely bring things to a peak level of stress before the relief, solution or breakthrough arrives.

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