Mother's celestial inspirations

Put on your diplomatic license plates and express yourself freely

By Cal Garrison, a.k.a Mother of the Skye

This week’s Horoscopes are coming out under the light of a Pisces Moon, with aspects that include the movement of the planet Mars, into the sign of the Twins. Whenever Mars enters Gemini the Male Principle splits in two and gives us a chance to approach things from any number of directions without incurring any penalty. This impulse comes around in cycles as a means to insure that our lives remain open to possibilities that are a) Always endless, and b) Entering our reality omni-directionally.

I agree with astrologer Daniel Giamario, who may have been the first one to point out that the Gemini archetype gives us “diplomatic license plates.” In plain English this means that for the next month or so we basically have carte blanche to express ourselves with all the freedom in the world. Isn’t it interesting that this transit is occurring right before the Sun rolls into the same sign and coincides with the point in the yearly cycle where everyone is ready to get out of school and go on vacation?

If the Male Principle is out on a spree, Venus (a.k.a. the Female Principle) is staying close to home; she went into Cancer about a week ago. At the moment she is in the early degrees of that sign. Cancer is the archetypal Mother. This tells me that as we explore an endless round of possibilities we will be keeping our hearts in a place that wants to use whatever we pick up along the way to nurture and protect those closest to us.

Between the Male and the Female I get the feeling we are in no danger of going off half-cocked: Mars may be sowing his oats, but ‘Mom’ is there to make sure that we exercise our freedom needs in a way that allows us to preserve a sense of safety and security.

In addition to all of this, Jupiter is conjunct Juno and both of them are about to enter into a beautiful trine with Uranus. Juno is one of the relationship asteroids, Jupiter is as good as it gets, and Uranus is one of those planets where ‘anything goes’ – so – what can I say? Do you need me to spell it out? Put on your diplomatic license plates and enjoy this week’s ‘scopes.

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