Protect Vt’s winters

Dear Editor,

Even though it is currently summer, winter sports are still always on my mind. This is why I was very happy to read in The Mountain Times this past week that the VCRD held a public forum regarding sustainable business practices and Vermont’s “climate change economy.”

As somebody who loves the snow and the state of Vermont very much, it makes me incredibly happy to see citizens, local government and the business sector working together to combat climate change. While it may seem like a daunting task, there are many ways we can help fight climate change while not suffering economically or being stripped of our rights. Individual action to reduce our carbon footprint is an easy and great first step, but we must also support change on a larger scale. Legislation such as the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative aims to cut climate-change-causing pollution in ways that does not hinder state economics.

As somebody who has spent many years enjoying Vermont’s beautiful winters, it scares me to think that if action is not taken, winters in Vermont could start looking a lot more like summer.  Legislators should support legislation such as the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative in order to protect Vermont and the winter sports that make Vermont such a special place.

William Downie, Southport, Conn.

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