President’s foreign policy is hard to understand

Dear Editor,

As I watched President Obama deliver a speech in Vietnam last week, I have to wonder about a few things this Ppresident does. First, he lifts a U. S. arms ban on this country so the U. S. can sell lethal military equipment to them even though the Communist Party leads the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. The country has some of the worst human rights policies and Obama jettisoned what remained of U. S. leverage and got nothing for it. After 50 years, America has not gotten any information on the 1,200 or so prisoners of war still unaccounted for.

It also seems Obama lifted a 50-year embargo on Cuba not so long ago and now we have ships filled with tourists and airlines flying there. If I am correct, he got nothing from Cuba, which is also a communist country. After he left Cuba he flew to Argentina while the terrorists were killing people in Paris and Brussels. It is hard to understand.

It was not long ago that the U. S. signed a document to slow down Iran’s nuclear development and at the same time he agreed to release over $100 billion in cash to Iran. The document did not discuss the human rights of people in Iran nor did it make any mention of Hamas and Hezbollah who are operating in Syria, Iraq, and other locations in the Middle East. Then Iran, after signing the nuclear document, launched a missile that was capable of carrying a nuclear weapon.

It seems awfully strange that this president manages to do all this while he still has managed to play golf more than 365 days since he became commander-in-chief seven and a half years ago. One has to wonder who is running our country. He has put another $10 trillion in debt on the American people bringing the total U. S. national debt to $19,500,000,000 which is over the limit put on by our Congressmen. The United States of America is in deep trouble and we do not need more of the same with either Hillary or Bernie.

Respectfully submitted,

Edwin J. Fowler, Killington

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