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Prepare for the unknown

By Cal Garrison a.k.a.Mother of the Skye

This week’s horoscopes are coming out under the light of a Libra moon. Murphy’s Law will reign for the next three weeks. In case you haven’t heard me talk about it before, all this means is that our left brain and logical functions will be on the back burner until July 31. The part of our psyche that operates under the illusion that we are actually able to micromanage everything will soon find out that, “Men make plans, and God laughs.”

I don’t know where the idea of micro-management even came from. If you stop to think about it for five seconds, it is a totally unnatural concept. Even so, we have been educated to believe that it’s good to stay on top of things, and have everything in our lives organized and under control. Up to a point there may be some sense to this, but the wheels fall off that cart when we stop to ask ourselves if human beings are conscious and self-aware enough to know exactly where they are headed and where their life is going.

That being said, during the three-week intervals when Mercury turns retrograde, our best laid plans and our big ideas come up against larger forces. What our logical, linear minds see as the best mode of action becomes subject to the will of heaven. During Mercury’s retrograde phase, if what we have in mind has little or nothing to do with what our purpose involves and what our Higher Self needs us to be focused on, the whip will come down, the scenery will change, and we will be moved in a direction that is better suited to our overall growth and development.

If things go a little haywire in the next few weeks, don’t waste your energy getting upset about it. When the car breaks down, when people are late, or decide to cancel their engagements, when the power goes out, etc. take it as a sign that the winds of change are altering your course for reasons that will wind up surprising and delighting you once you lose the need to keep all your ducks in a row.

Now that we’ve reviewed Mercury retrograde, I’d like to share a recent conversation I had with a client. This lady, in her late 60s, had a purpose that revolved around spiritual things. I was chatting with her just before her trip to the south of France where she was to embark on a month long retreat to the Magdalene Caves.

Her date of her departure was exactly eight weeks before her 70th birthday. Then, I remembered: the events that lay the patterns for the upcoming birthday year begin to materialize eight weeks before our birthday. The events that take place on and around it are harbingers for everything that unfolds as the year progresses. In the case of the woman in question, her exposure to the Magdalene mysteries is the culmination of a lifelong spiritual quest that will form the foundation for her inner work, for the remainder of her life.

Give that some thought! Let me leave you with that, and invite you to take what you can from this week’s ‘scopes.

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