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Power-holders to be brought to their knees and destroyed — or redeemed

By Cal Garrison, a.k.a. Mother of the Skye

This week’s Horoscopes are coming out under the light of a Cancer Moon with aspects that make it easy for me to say, “We don’t need an astrologer to tell us things are messed up; it’s blasting over the loud speaker. You’d have to be deaf, dumb, and blind not to see, feel, and sense that the prophets who keep shoving pictures of comets, and Second Comings, and financial meltdowns, and spiritual awakenings in our face might not be out of their minds, after all.”

If you take the time to talk to people about more than the weather you will soon find out that everyone is getting whacked with stuff that they never knew was there, and that they didn’t see coming.

Looking at the chart for this week, let me give you a short list of aspects that stand out from all the rest:

1) URANUS SQUARES PANDORA; this is an aspect of total and complete turnarounds, things that are totally unexpected. Uranus is the planet that governs earthquakes and lightning, and volcanic activity; it is the most eccentric, unpredictable planet in the solar system. Pandora is, “Pandora’s Box;” this asteroid is where all Hell breaks loose. I’m not sure what to make of it and I don’t think anyone can — but putting two and two together it doesn’t take much to see that the Powers that Be are playing “52 Pick Up” with planet Earth and, at the moment, everything is up in the air. The sense of uncertainty, and not knowing hangs over all of us right now, for better or worse.

2) ASTRAEA CONJUNCTS SIVA: Oh, Brother — This is long, drawn out, brutal endings. It signifies total destruction. Siva is always connected to Patriarchal themes; Astraea is where we decide to end things. When you put these two asteroids together in the same room all they know how to do is fight to the death. This is where, whatever’s going down, goes down hard. It produces situations where the destructive force that lives inside the desire to ‘control,’ overpowers itself, and brings everything to ruin.

3) KRONOS: Kronos is involved with the conjunction between Astraea and Siva: This will be interesting to watch; because Kronos relates to the Powers that Be. It implies that it is the Powers that Be who are coming down. It covers the idea that the system is being destroyed, and that whoever holds power is about to be brought to their knees and destroyed — or redeemed — it is their choice. Since Kronos also governs air travel, I hate to say it but this planetary picture suggests that there could be a lot of airline disasters. From another perspective, this triple conjunction could be read as “Enlightened beings from outer space show up at the last minute to help us manage the Apocalypse and find our way through the “Eye of the Needle.”

There is more to all of it than this, of course. On a global level things are shifting wildly, inside and out. On a personal level we are coming to terms with our deepest patterns and issues. With Hades nipping close enough to all of the above to be within orb of a conjunction to it, it translates as a final reckoning with what’s left at the bottom of the barrel, one that will be particularly shameful to those who have been guilty of any abuse of power. Lots of things crawl out from the shroud of secrecy and get brought to light when Hades shows up to draw the line.

The next few days are pivotal in the sense that, most of us are tired of having to stay on top of things and no one has time to reflect, or think about what’s really going on because we’re all overwhelmed. At the end of the day, none of that is real. If at all possible, drop as much of the external BS as you can and see if you can get back to what you would, or could be doing, if you knew it was safe to follow your bliss — and while you’re at it, enjoy this week’s ‘scopes.

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