Mother's celestial inspirations

Old paradigms give way to new

By Cal Garrison, a.k.a. Mother of the Skye

This week’s Horoscopes are coming out under the light of a Leo Moon. With all kinds of aspects to consider let’s keep in mind that Chiron is still sitting on top of the Aries Point and will remain within orb of that conjunction until the end of June. Some astrologers would give it an even wider berth than this, but, strictly speaking, that’s how it looks.

If you remember what we were talking about last week, you will recall that the conjunction between Chiron and the Aries Point stations all of humanity in the midst of a wake-up call that involves a collective change of heart, along with a change of perspective that is getting ready to turn the old paradigm on its heels and topple the regime that has kept us asleep for 13,000 years. Barbara Bush’s recent passing offers testimony to this. After all, she was the secret Mother Goddess and official Queen of the old paradigm, well disguised as a nice old lady from Texas.

Within this construct, it may now for more of the truth to come to light. I see that Siwa is conjunct Saturn, an aspect that easily translates as the decimation of the old guard and all of the status-quo contracts that have strangled our perceptions. A simultaneous square between Siwa and Uranus promotes the idea that there is a revolution in the offing, one that is currently teetering on the verge of an explosion. Siwa and Uranus “compel change” and demand “the eradication of obdurate attitudes and behaviors.” They are the midwife during times of intensity and transformation.

Check to see if you’re feeling stuck, or a little too fixated on one way of seeing things, because this is where the rubber will meet the road and force an awakening, whether we like it or not. Both Siwa and Uranus are known to behave precipitously, which may be the case – but this square will hold steady into 2019, which implies that not one, but a series of events will happen in sequence, and their end result will bring down the house, one layer at a time.

Issues that relate to children are in high focus right now. This could surface quite simply as a need to pay close attention, not just to their needs, but also to what they have to teach us. In its most mundane expression the North Node at the midpoint of Ceres and the Moon means that we could be baking a cake for a birthday party, hanging out with our children, or going to see our grandkids.

On a more esoteric level, there is a whole other story, and an increasing need to dig deep into the questions that involve childhood, the “missing children,” and the need to reevaluate our relationship to the place that kids, our own, and other people’s, hold in our lives. This concept is buttressed by an opposition between Persephone and Requiem. That combination suggests that it could be time to put the missing child in our hearts, and the missing children on the milk cartons, to rest.

For those of you who enjoy the lighter side of prediction: sometimes home is where the heart is, but there are other times when work is where we find ourselves. A trine between the Sun and Vesta tells me that whatever our work venue involves, we will feel most grounded and integrated in that role for the next few days. This could be a major blessing for those of you who normally feel like you have to venture too far away from your real self to handle your job scenario. In some cases, the work arena will feel closer to a sacred space, one that allows the deeper aspects of your being to express themselves fully and fulfill, instead of suck you dry, or be a reflexive action that comes down to punching in and punching out.

There is always more to say. Hopefully what I did manage to include will give you pause to think about a few things – because after all, it’s the thought that counts. Let me leave you with that and invite to take what you can from this week’s ‘scopes.

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