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Ode to Joe

By Marguerite Jill Dye

I never knew I craved normalcy

To such an extent, to such a degree.

But suddenly, I’m finding myself

Heaving sigh after sigh of needed relief.


Your calm, steady voice, and healing words,

Spoken directly from your heart,

Soothe my soul, calm my nerves,

Alleviate headaches and regulate my heart rate.


I never knew I craved normalcy

To such an extent, to such a degree.

You give me hope, Joe, that we will survive

Covid-19 and Constitutional crisis.


If only you could have come sooner, Joe.

How many lives could you have saved?

But Jan. 20 is better than never

And I’m grateful you are well on your way.


I never knew I craved normalcy

To such an extent, to such a degree.

With a simple face change on screen after screen,

I’ll no longer feel the need to scream.


You’re restoring my faith in humanity, Joe.

Your kindness, compassion, inclusion, and caring

Are replacing the bitterness, anger, and hatred

That has spewed forth day after day,

Assaulting serenity, sensitivity, sanity,

Integrity, decency, and our democracy.


I’m decompressing with sighs of relief

That can be heard across the room.

The stress and exhaustion have left me limp.

But your arrival on the scene

Is the remedy to overcome the despair and

Hopelessness that I have felt.


I crave a leader who lifts us up,

Who doesn’t degrade us or negate us,

Who keeps us safe from pandemics and wars,

With a level head, science, and sound advisors.


I crave a leader who respects human rights,

Who strengthens families and unites them,

Who reconstructs, does not deconstruct,

Our democratic building blocks.


I crave a leader who speaks the truth,

Comprehends Climate Change, protects the Earth,

And serves all the people he represents,

Not only himself and the top 1%.


I seek a team that raises the bar and

Leads us to a sustainable future.

I seek a team that defends civil rights,

Equal opportunity and living wages.

I seek a team that values education and

Helps students realize their potential.


With you as our leader, we can work together

To feed the hungry, house the homeless,

Provide safety, security, liberty, justice,

And healthcare for all Americans.


I believe you’re the man for the job, Joe,

And with Kamala Harris by your side,

You’re ushering in a bright new day

For minorities and women.

Your steadfastness and determination,

Deep inner peace and cooperative nature.

Allow you to lead by example through

Your good deeds and honest words.


Show us your vision and teach us to heal

Our ailing Nation and suffering world.

I firmly believe it can be done, Joe,

Under your guidance and leadership.


With so many resources on our Earth

Let’s strategize, prioritize, and

Roll up our sleeves to meet the needs of

Humanities’ poor and oppressed.


I realize it may take some time

But whatever it takes, it will be worthwhile.

Now is the time to redefine

Who we are and what we stand for.


So our Nation may again inspire

And serve the world as a beacon of hope,

Leading ethically and responsibly

From our shining City upon a Hill.


Marguerite Jill Dye is a poet from Killington.

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