Mother's celestial inspirations

Nurturing cherished illusions or embodying the divine?

By Cal Garrison, a.k.a. Mother of the Skye

The Moon has just slipped into Scorpio, and this week’s Horoscopes are coming out under a series of aspects that are bound to make for an interesting time. With the Scorpionic vibe putting a twist on things, and the Festival of Lights, and the Advent Season giving us plenty of room to nurture all of our most cherished illusions, I have a feeling we will be in a state of cognitive dissonance, going back and forth between what we wish was happening, and the gut feeling that deep down inside knows what’s really going on.

I say this because the Moon’s nodes are situated on the 26th degree of the Virgo-Pisces axis. We could discuss this for hours, but to keep it simple I will say that whenever the nodes line up on this axis it comes down to walking our talk. If we’re making any pretense about being spiritually inclined, that impulse will be directly reflected in our ordinary life — or not. We can no longer fake it — we have make it our mission to live as the embodiment of love, truth, beauty, trust, harmony, and peace. Why? Because it’s time.

With the Sun and Pluto tied up in T-Squares to Chiron and Mars, the picture tells me that we are at a defining moment. This is happening individually, and at the collective level as well. The Sun-Chiron square says: “It’s time to go up against the system so that we can change the world.” The Pluto-Mars square tells me any changes we make will ring up the potential for violence and rage.

Pluto happens to be the higher octave of Mars. When they are not in agreement it means the Soul and the Ego are not on the same page. At times like this it comes down to putting the Ego in its place, and allowing the Soul to guide its actions toward that which serves the highest good. In our private realities, and in our collective experience, it is no longer just “about us,” it’s about us, and how well we can unify our intentions in actions that support all of humanity.

How do we do this?

What interests me about the chart for this week is the fact that the asteroid Vesta is conjunct the Aries Point. The Aries Point is the degree of the Zodiac that covers all of humanity; every man, woman, and child is affected whenever a planet or asteroid touches this point. If Vesta is where we find a way to integrate our sacred work into the space-time continuum, sitting smack dab on the Aries Point, it looks to me like ALL of us are being invited to bring what is in our hearts, and our purest intentions into the mainstream and allow all of it to coalesce into an ocean of unity and love.

This is totally in keeping with the vibe streaming out of the nodes on the Virgo-Pisces axis. Not only is Vesta about connecting with our sacred work – it is where we go to “heal.” After all, back in the day, it was the Vestal Virgins who healed the warriors and the wounded when they returned from battle. If we are to glean anything from this, it comes down to healing the wounds that bind us, so that our inner light and our highest intentions can turn our lives, and the world, around.

Looking at the Sabian Symbol for the 26th Degree of Virgo might help us beam in on the latest clue to the new direction. Basically, it illustrates how everything reflects everything else. The message is so clear: do you know where your heart lies? There is absolutely no separation between the sacred and the profane. Bring all of who you are to the point that understands that ALL of this is sacred. Chop wood, carry water, strive to embody the divine in everything you do, light up the Advent Season with your highest visions — and enjoy this week’s ‘scopes.

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