No public relief?

Dear Editor,

Where is one expected to go and what is one supposed to do, particularly when there is no place located either centrally downtown or elsewhere within easy strolling distance, to go, most especially at night, on the weekend or on an official holiday when one urgently needs to relieve themselves and there is no accessible public restroom available?

That is the question that plagues those whose bladder or other internal plumbing system is filled to overflowing.

Is there no public relief in sight?

Unfortunately, governments often do what they seem to do best when attempting to avoid doing something real about one matter or another, absolutely nothing: i.e., exercising the rather cynical and deliberately indifferent bureaucratic mindset as well as the general political principle of ignoring it, long enough, until it eventually goes away.

If the municipal and state government as well as other partners were to vigorously exercise the political will and make having accessible public restroom facilities available on a 24 hour, seven day a week basis a high enough priority, develop an actual action plan and come up with adequate funding, it could actually get done.

If members of the public were to demand as much by making their voices heard, sooner rather than later, it just might happen and everyone would be better off as a result.

Otherwise, let us ask ourselves as well as each other about whether or not this is indeed a civilized, compassionate, fair and just society (rhetorically posed)?

If it is, then what is necessary to be done on behalf of the collective public good concerning these and related regards shall become clearly obvious and much more difficult to continue ignoring.

Morgan W. Brown,


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