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The mountain vs. the seniors

Dear Editor,

Up until a few years ago, ski passes for seniors were given at age 65 and at age 72 you were considered a “super senior.” That super senior season pass was $549. So, why did the mountain raise the age of the super senior pass to 79 and charge $200 more? That’s because the information on their computers told them how many residents over 65 were skiing during mid-week! In my group alone we have 20 to 30 persons over the age of 65, and a good portion of them are over the 70 year mark that ski mostly mid-week. Wow, look at all those $$$$ the mountain had been missing. Not only that, if you had a mid-week pass and wanted to have lunch at their restaurant at the peak on the weekend you had to pay $15 for the ride to the top (ludicrous).
The mountain should have a special unlimited season pass for all taxpaying Killington residents at a special price. After all, who supports the mountain more than us taxpaying residents?Otherwise, folks. you’ll have to wait until you’re 79 to receive that special $59 price, if you can get out of your wheelchair!
P.S. And our Select Board, without the residents’ approval, want to give the mountain $100,000 to promote another FIS World Cup event. Where is the quid pro quo?

Richard Kropp, Killington

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