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Mind your p’s and q’s this week

By Cal Garrison a.k.a Mother of the Skye

This week’s Horoscopes are coming out under the light of a Moon that will be sitting on the Libra-Scorpio cusp until it officially enters Scorpio, a little after 2 p.m. on Dec. 3. My Sun is in Virgo, but I have a ton of Scorpionic energy. With the weight of the Scorpio Moon, and Venus’s ingress into that sign, already tweaking the vibes that infuse all of my Scorpio planets with Plutonic juice, I have decided to zero in on things with an eye to digging up some of the darker connections that underlie what’s going on right now.

On the surface, there is a number of superficial contacts that look totally fine and dandy. I will leave it to others to talk about those things. Digging a little deeper, the picture is more than gnarly.  If you’ve been keeping an eye on the insanity that’s floating around in our outer reality, the gnarlier aspects are showing up all over the place. I don’t have room to cover all of them but am here with a short list of planetary pictures that are very telling. Are you ready for this? Here we go:

1.Saturn opposite Hades. On a personal level this could mean that many of us are working our butts off, doing a lot of grunt work, dealing with messy details, spending a lot of time cleaning up other people’s mistakes, and getting nowhere. Sometimes Saturn and Hades put us in situations where our enemies do everything in their power to undermine our reputation and our credibility. This is where we get blackballed for no good reason, usually because the forces that assail us are dealing from the bottom of the deck.

On a collective level, Saturn opposite Hades means that the people in charge are playing dirty. It indicates that authority figures are about to get brought down. Depending on your point of view this could indicate that they really are about to impeach Trump. The fact that George H.W. Bush passed away under this influence is no coincidence.

2. Poseidon, conjunct Sisyphus squaring Pandora. By itself, this says something about the belief systems that we ascribe to being supplanted by sudden events that cause us to totally change our point of view. It suggests the possibility of a wake-up call that will take all of us by surprise. The question is: what will happen at the point where the collective mind either wakes up, or winds up in a state of cognitive dissonance because the truth is too overwhelming for the senses? At the personal level this would surface as waking up to the fact that we were wrong about everything, and having to totally change our tune.

3. Atlantis square Apollo. In addition to relating directly to the Atlantean civilization, Atlantis has to do with special knowledge, or insider information. Apollo is about reruns, situations and things that repeat, or that happen over and over again. Combined in a stressful aspect we can see that our current affairs are laced with issues that relate to the abuse of secret knowledge, or to insider, or private information. At the tail end of the Kali Yuga we could come to the conclusion that we are living through a rerun of the same conditions that brought about the destruction of Atlantis. If your frame of reference is biblical, we would say that we are at the same place that Noah was at when things on this planet got so out of hand that God instructed him to build the Ark and get out of Dodge. In its purely mundane expression Atlantis conjunct Apollo surfaces as situations in which people attempt to get the inside scoop on others as a means to remain in control. Gossip, backbiting, conspiracies, and conspiracy theorists would fall under this umbrella.

4. Neptune, conjunct Arachne squaring Nemesis. This aspect shows up when we are in over our heads. It relates to water disasters. It generates incidents that involve drug deals and scams that involve charitable foundations. (Check out current events surrounding the Clinton Foundation, the Open Society Foundation, and the goings on at Puebla Sin Fronteras). The truth is hard to come by under this aspect because Neptune obscures it, Nemesis denies it, and Arachne tangles it up in knots.

5. Bacchus square Nemesis. This is where we make all kinds of excuses, and skirt the issues to cover ourselves, as in “It’s not my fault; so-and-so did it.” Bacchus in hard aspect to Nemesis comes to life in situations where people cast blame on others instead of fessing up to the part they played in screwing things up. It is the hallmark for the expression, “Blame obscures the truth.” Keep an eye on the tendency that causes us to pass the buck.

6.  Atropos square Chiron. Atropos is about what happens when things come to an end. Chiron is many things, but in general it signifies that something out of the ordinary, something totally unexpected, or something out of this world is about to show up to take the whole ball of wax in a different direction. Another way to put it would be to say, at the very last minute everything flips, so don’t be too quick to assume that you’ve got it all figured out. Under this influence we find loopholes that allow us to break free in situations that looked like there was no way to get around things.

7. Lucifer on the Aries Point, opposite the midpoint of Persephone and Apollon; Persephone is the orphan, the abandoned child, the homeless person, or the refugee. Apollon is more than one, multiple people, multiple situations, or many people and things. The Aries Point is quite literally, the masses. It is all of humanity, or large numbers of people. Lucifer sitting on the Aries Point, in opposition to the midpoint of Persephone and Apollon, is the astrological template for the refugee crisis, and the migrant “caravans” that have sprouted up all over the globe. Lucifer’s presence in this planetary picture is a clear signal that something dark is hovering over this phenomenon and that something is definitely “rotten in Denmark.”

8. And last but not least—Kronos opposite Toro. This manifests as governmentally sanctioned brutality. It can include assassination attempts, and threats to government leaders. In its more mundane expression this aspect relates to situations in which the question of “competency” is used to intimidate, or browbeat others. Check out the latest news and you will see how this aspect is playing out on the world stage.

Krampus Night, or Black Peter’s Day, happens on Dec. 6, on the same day that Mercury turns Direct. Krampus Night is the night when a horned demon by the name of Krampus goes out into the world and punishes all of the children who have misbehaved in the previous year. The folklore around this character is dark and diabolical. With all kinds of stuff ready to explode on the world stage, who knows what will happen? According to the underground pundits, the 24-hours between Dec. 5 and Dec. 6,  is supposed to be a defining moment. We shall see. As far as the upcoming week is concerned, mind your p’s and q’s, burn a little sage, turn your heart to the light, and take what you can from this week’s ‘scopes.

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