Mother's celestial inspirations

A mid-summer Solstice message

By Cal Garrison a.k.a. Mother of the Skye

This week’s Horoscopes are coming out under the light of a Virgo Moon. From what I can see the picture looks relatively pleasant, with aspects that are easing things up just long enough for our faith to be restored, and for the rocky road of change to level off and give us a chance to get our bearings. The question “Where are we now?” will have room to expose itself to those of us who have been wondering where we need to go from here. In due time, we will be back in the saddle with a new approach to our personal and collective trek through the Eye-of-the-Needle.

Venus is sitting on top of the Moon’s North Node. This means we are in a position to attract people and things that are good for us. When Venus is on this point, there is an openness to getting involved that makes us more magnetic. That being said, the attractive force doesn’t know how to discriminate, so, as much as we may be surrounded by new possibilities in the love and friendship department, when there are too many fish in the sea it’s best to leave your detector on, and be wise enough to know who to keep and who to throw away.

Chiron is conjunct the asteroid Hygeia. If we see Chiron as “The Maverick” and take Hygeia to be the primary health indicator, the picture presents us with an image of alternative, out-of-the-ordinary cures. The fact that both bodies are situated very close to The Aries Point adds something to this, suggesting that maybe it’s time for the general public to wake up to the idea that it’s time to put the AMA, and the WHO, and the CDC on the shelf and focus our attention on health options that work. Interestingly, Astraea is part of this picture; Astraea is about cutting the cord when something is over. All three bodies are forming a hard square to Saturn. With Saturn being the granddaddy of the Old Paradigm, status-quo approaches to everything, this configuration suggests that our eyes are finally being opened to the idea that there is a cure for everything, and that it’s time to go searching for those solutions outside of the box.

The Midsummer Solstice is coming up on Thursday, June 21. This is the day that the solar force reaches its peak. It is the moment in time when light and darkness meet at the Zenith and in that instant, become one and the same thing. For me, it is the most magical time of the year, and I spend a lot of time in contemplation during the days that lead up to it, reflecting upon where I am at, and thinking about where my vital force is directing itself.

If back in my youth my Solstice celebrations took on a lot of ritual pomp and display, as time has gone on, this cross quarter has turned into a more private affair. Age and experience have taught me that everything comes from within, and “It ain’t your chalice, your wand, or the color of your candle that gets the job done.” This year too many things have come full circle in my world for me to do much but pray and meditate my way through the Solstice. At this point, I will leave it up to the young ones to gather flowers, set up the altar, keep the fire burning, cast the spells, and dance until dawn. Now that I am old and gray, I look forward to closing my eyes and turning within to find my way to the still point, where light and darkness meet, and the opening to the other world reinforces my being with the unconditional love and oneness that lies on the other side of The Veil.

Let me leave you with that, wish you a happy Midsummer Solstice, and invite you to take what you can from this week’s ‘scopes.

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