Looking Back: From the old to the new


Where did cords with old-fashioned plugs go?

I was surprised not too long ago when I bought a new electric toothbrush. I took it out of the box and searched for the plug that would go into an electric outlet. It was quite a surprise to find none!

I know I live in yesteryear so it took me awhile to realize that I could not use the toothbrush without getting a device that would plug into an outlet.

When I called the company to see if they still sold the “old-fashioned” models I was told that since October of 2021 all charging pedestals have only a USB plug. The customer service representative politely suggested that one of my children or grandchildren could show me what I would need in order to use it. Since there are no children or grandchildren in our lives that suggestion wouldn’t work!

I might add that the representative acted like he had never heard of a toothbrush with a plug on the end. Assuming he is in his 20s he must have quickly forgotten that the company he works for sold only models with plugs until 2 years ago!

Once he knew that his “children suggestion” was not going to work he asked if we have a Staples store nearby. I was told to bring the toothbrush down there and they would know what I need. I never thought I would need to go to Staples in order to brush my teeth. But, it worked! I came home with an adapter, put the USB plug into it and clean teeth are possible once again!

I checked the company website to see if I could find out the reason for the change and it states that it is better for the environment to have a USB plug. It reduces electronic waste.

A few years ago I was surprised to learn that gas cans for lawn mowers had changed dramatically. It had been a long time since we needed one. When my husband came home with a new can it was a challenge to figure out how it worked. Back to the store he went in search of the old type. Not to be found “due to safety concerns”…My online search began and I found a gas can and nozzle that allowed us to resume pouring the way we were used to. There were some safety related modifications but they were simple.

Because I am living in the Days of Old we still listen to music through a CD player. It’s nothing fancy but has good sound quality and has served us well for over 20 years. Last week when I pushed to button to play a CD, nothing happened. The online search began and what is offered is nothing like ours.

I knew the search for a replacement CD player would be difficult and that proved true when I saw words like “USB/Aux port” and “Bluetooth.” The elusive plugs are a thing of the past once again. I plan to visit a local store and get an education on how to play our favorite CDs in the “modern world!”

Another change in our lives occurred a couple of years ago when we installed central air. Our old thermostat was controlled by electricity and had a dial on it that you pushed forward or backward to raise or lower the setting. I think it was the original one from the ‘40s. The new thermostat has “up and down arrows” that you push. It’s controlled by batteries. That means there will be no heat if the batteries die so I make sure to have a supply of batteries on hand. I asked if it would be possible to get the “old kind” like we had and was told that with heat and air conditioning operating off the same thermostat our old model would not work. Another change!

Staying in the past just isn’t working out well for me these days but I keep trying!

Wonder what my next adventure will be as I continue my quest to not change the things in my life that work perfectly well for me? Stay tuned!

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