Mother's celestial inspirations

Look beyond what you choose to believe

By Cal Harrison a.k.a Mother of the Skye 

This week’s Horoscopes are coming out under the light of a Void-of-Course, Aquarius Moon that will remain in that mode until it moves into Pisces at a little before 7 a.m. June 5. Aspect-wise, things look pretty easy to take. On the surface, a Grand Trine between Venus, Jupiter, and Neptune gives us every reason to believe that things are fine and dandy or at least cradled in the arms of a benevolent, protective spirit. But trines are often emblems of denial – so we need to look beyond what we choose to believe, or would like to see, if we want to connect with the truth about what’s going on right now.

 In the spiritual community, there is the belief that we have to focus only on the light, and only on the positive, in order to be the change that we would like to see in the world. While it’s true that we attract what we focus on, what we fail to understand is that everything is light – and if that is the case, in a polarized reality half of what we are looking at is darkness. To only look on the light side, and only focus on the positive prevents us from addressing 50 percent of the truth. So someone please tell me: how can we see the light if we close our eyes to what lies on the dark end of the light spectrum?

 While I see this Venus/Jupiter/Neptune trine as a clear sign that there is a wave of awakening consciousness infusing the heart of humanity, I think it might help to talk about a few of the auxiliary aspects that form an even bigger part of the picture right now.

1)      Jupiter square Psyche – there is a huge amount of psychological pain being generated by philosophical, ethnic, religious, and class/cultural differences.

2)      Atlantis and Atropos opposite Chiron – There is an association between the concept of change and the idea that it is the harbinger of approaching cataclysm. This aspect brings up deep fears that go back to the last cataclysm, or back to the Fall of Atlantis and the deluge myths. These memories live in all of us and they are being triggered, bigtime, on the subconscious level.

3)      Askalapus square Uranus, with Arachne at the midpoint – The whistles are getting blown on more than one secret, in ways that are sudden, shocking, and precipitous. This instigates tons of conflict and things get complicated because all of us are getting our minds blown, simultaneously. When everyone’s core beliefs get axed, all at the same time, the fallout is commensurate with the extent to which each individual has the capacity to handle the truth – or not. This translates as: people are freaking out in extreme and outlandish ways.

4)      Hidalgo conjunct Hebe squaring the Moon’s Nodes – As the above-mentioned midpoint picture blows the whistle on everything under the Sun, there is an equal and opposite force going out of its way to keep a lid on the truth. Hebe conjunct Hildago tells us that there is a push to keep everything silent, or hidden as a means to keep the masses asleep and the boat from rocking.

In square to the Nodes, on the Leo-Aquarius axis, it would appear that these efforts to censor, shut things up, and prevent the truth from coming to light, run counter to what evolution requires from us right now. What happens in any situation when the revolutionary impulse and the desire for truth are systematically suppressed by forces who for reasons of their own and for purposes that run counter to the good of mankind, conspire to keep things from coming to light?

 Remember what we said about light? It is impossible to embrace it if we refuse to look at both ends of the light spectrum. All of us are caught in the crossfire of influences that make it hard to rise above it all, far enough to maintain a spiritual perspective, or even be objective to them. As the truth makes its way through the blockades of belief that until now have held it at bay, there is no way of knowing for sure how these changes will unfold. Let’s hope that Venus/Jupiter and Neptune are doing their level best to cradle humanity in the arms of what will be in our highest good as we make our way through the gauntlet toward a deeper understanding of light and love.

Let me leave you with that and invite you to take what you can from this week’s ‘scopes.

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