Local volunteers sending help to hurricane victims

By Sue Skaskiw

Volunteer Services for Animals Humane Society was able to fill a 34-foot RV owned by volunteer Barry Newton with cat, dog, horse, bird and rabbit food  (32 banana boxes full!); Vari-kennels, (pet carriers enabling abandoned animals to find their way to safety); medical supplies including flea, tick, ear mite medicine, antibiotics and sub-Q fluids;towels; kitty litter, water; bedding; toys; and miscellaneous items valued at $15,069 that is now on route to Miami.

Six 72-inch large dog traps and cat traps were also purchased and sent to various locations throughout Florida. Thanks to donations, the live traps will enable rescuers to reach animals too frightened to come to rescuers.

While volunteers were loading the RV, we talked about the need to continue this effort to help not only animals, but people, too. The islands, paradise on earth, have taken an unimaginable hit. We can surely help. Something as easy as sorting summer clothing to send when considering what to put away for the winter, contributing medicines, canned foods, flashlights and batteries, water – the essentials of life, can be sent to Miami for transport.

We’d like to arrange collections and are asking churches and businesses interested in this undertaking to contact us at 802-672-5302. Transport to the islands is resuming and this rescue effort can be managed as a group. A huge thank you to everyone that helped with contributions, hands-on help, networking and the coverage in the paper of this project.

In advance, thank you for your consideration of an extended effort.Together, we truly do make a difference!

Sue Skaskiw, VVSA Director

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