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Of life and politics

Dear Editor,
I have been asked many times about my feelings for the outcome of the presidential election… and I say this:
Every 365 days each of us travels around the sun together within this magnificent solar system. The earth, the sun, the moon, Mars, Jupiter, the balance of the universe… could care less about our differences, because they are irrelevant. We are dust in the wind.
If there is hope for humanity it does not lie in the trials of the present, the immediacy of “winning” or the failures of losing. These are personal problems. Only love for one’s fellow man deserves attention.
Should you suffer by falling into the hole of hatred I wish you well. I will not criticize you. I will continue to love you. I hope that you will love me as you have before this crisis that has beset you and that I will ignore in favor of maintaining our fellowship as human beings.
Peace my brothers and sisters. There is no rush to judgement.
Royal Barnard, Rutland
Royal Barnard is the editor emeritus of the Mountain Times

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