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Letter has no basis in fact

Dear Editor,

In response to George de Luna’s letter in the Mountain Times on April 20, I want to thank you for providing the critical information he conveyed in his letter and which your readers yearn so desperately for your paper to provide.

As central Vermont’s most esteemed free weekly news publication, the Mountain Times is uniquely positioned to pass along important commentary about national politics to those of us in Killington from experts like Mr. de Luna that would otherwise languish unviewed in a Facebook post or on an obscure web board. The best part is that you could care less that Mr. de Luna’s rantings have little or no basis in fact. Why not let him fashion an alternate reality in your newspaper? Congratulations on freeing yourself from the oppressive editorial standards set forth by other stuffy news organizations who would consider such baseless and irrational assertions unworthy of mass publication. What harm has ever come from publishing such babblings?

Anyway, I’d like you to know that as a devoted reader of your paper I come for the information about what is happening in Killington and the surrounding communities, but I stay for the incisive commentary on national affairs proffered by Mr. de Luna and his ilk. I sure hope there is more to come!

John Ralston, Killington

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