Letter from the President

Dear Members,

Thank you to those that came out and voted on Town Meeting Day.

I would like to congratulate Chris Bianchi on his re-election and thank voters for passing the budget. Your votes helped ensure that we have a Selectboard and a plan that supports that mission of the KPAA and the best interests of the businesses we represent.

Town Government has a significant impact on local business, and it is imperative that we continue to work to ensure our voice is heard, and our views and interests are considered. To be effective advocating, we need to make sure that we do this year round, and not just in March.   While we support the strategic goals of this Selectboard and their budget plan in 2015-16, we will continue to monitor their work, keep you informed on issues relating to our interest, and help ensure we all stay on track to achieving our goals. That’s our job as your advocate

We ask that you please read our updates and continue to stay engaged.   We will include updates on Town and State Government issues that affect you in our newsletters over the course of the year. We will also include information on when help is needed and how you can support.   We hope to improve our efforts in this area to help ensure we continue to grow our year round tourism based economy. Please reach out to me or other board members with any feedback or thoughts.

Thank you,

Howard Smith

KPAA President

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