Killington Selectboard was elected to represent voters, not act as supreme ruler

Dear Editor,

I have a lot of serious concerns about what is happening in Killington. As a long time resident and gardening professional, I’m alarmed at the decisions that have been made. I’m all for the beautification of Killington, but the decisions made on few new garden areas were not well thought out. The amount of our money being spent on these limited areas is outrageous. And there wasn’t an open bidding process. Why does one needs a private invitation to bid on a public project? If only certain people are asked, how does that allow new ideas to be put forth or get the most for our tax dollars? This was an opportunity for the people of Killington to work together on something we will have to live with. When attending a Selectboard meeting I tried asking questions about when and how these decisions were made.  Disturbingly, I was cut off, being told I was taking too much of their time. It was said they don’t need our input, they can do what they want. This is our public property, not their private property. WE live here, WE pay taxes here, WE should have a say as to what happens here. Not only does this Selectboard want to give our tax dollars away to a private entity, the KPAA, they are throwing it away on these gardens. They are spending thousands upon thousands of our tax dollars on labor, soil, compost and plants, that will struggle to survive after being damaged by road salt and sand from winter plowing.

Even worse is how our rights are being eroded in this town. Citizens’ input is the only public forum that we have to speak at. If our Selectboard doesn’t have time to listen us and answer our questions there, maybe they shouldn’t be serving on the board. When one has been voted into office, it doesn’t make them a supreme ruler. This is supposed to be a democracy, not a dictatorship. Decisions are being made behind closed doors about the direction of this town.  Where is the transparency? Why do we find out after decisions are made, when what’s done is done? Just because they don’t legally have to include us in these processes, doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t. It’s beyond disturbing. If the people who do take their time to become involved and informed are considered “Bozos,” clowns, what exactly do they think of those that don’t? It seems  that they are the ones turning this town into a circus with all the twisting and spinning that goes on. Think about it, we’re the ones paying for this show, through our ever increasing tax  burden!

Susan Maples, Killington

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