Killington Energy Committee seeks approval for Article 4 efficiency measure

Dear Editor,

One of the projects being undertaken by the Killington Energy Committee, at the request of our town manager, is the replacement of the balance of the Killington walkway’s metal halide light fixtures with energy-efficient LED fixtures. Previously we had received a grant to replace 32 of those fixtures at the top end of the walkway. Fortunately, as a result of that grant, we were able to complete that effort at no cost to the town.

Based on Efficiency Vermont calculations, we were able to save the town about $67.30 per LED fixture per year in direct energy costs, which resulted in an annual savings of $2,154 per year for the town. In addition to the direct energy savings, there are tangible additional savings associated with the frequent and costly replacement of the metal halide bulbs and ballasts, which would no longer be necessary due to the longevity of the LED fixtures.

The committee’s goal has been to complete converting the balance of 60 walkway lights to LED fixtures in order to enhance our energy cost saving, reduce fixture maintenance, and reduce carbon emissions. Although we have been searching for a similar grant, unfortunately none have become available. Efficiency Vermont has, however, increased its rebate per fixture from $175 to $200, and the town was able to secure a commitment for a zero interest loan of up to $42,000 (less $12,000 in rebates) to finance the additional 60 LED fixtures.

If approved by the voters in Article 4, completion of the walkway lighting this summer would result in an additional annual $4,039 energy cost savings for the town, giving the town a total annual savings of $6,193, based on Efficiency Vermont calculations.

We believe that taking advantage of this loan opportunity (Article 4) would definitely be in the best long term interest of the town.

Marty Post, member of the Killington Energy Committee

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