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“Rightness” and “wrongness” of belief systems; Jupiter in retrograde creates the opportunity to rethink convictions

By Cal Garrison, a.k.a. Mother of the Skye

This week’s Horoscopes are coming out under the light of a Moon that will be Void-of-Course in Capricorn until Monday night. As usual, there is a lot to talk about. The Moon’s last aspects, before she turns Void-of-Course will be a square to Uranus, and two sextiles: one to Nemesis, and one to Chiron. Nemesis and Chiron will be hogtied in a square to Mars at around the same time, so what could be relatively constructive disturbances will turn the later part of Monday afternoon into an emotional crap shoot. Look for highly charged feeling responses, women who go completely off the rails, domestic upsets, strong tendencies to blame everything on the past, and an inability to be accountable or behave appropriately in situations where everyone would be better off if people could just figure out how to act like grownups.

This would all seem kind of trivial, were it not for the fact that sometimes the “small stuff” generates repercussions that last for weeks, and even months. Keep an eye on what it will cost you to keep rationalizing bad behavior, and do your best to own up to your mistakes. In situations where you know for sure that you could easily lose it, it might be wise to mind your own business and keep to yourself.

Jupiter turned retrograde in Scorpio on March 8 and will remain in that mode through June 10. We have talked a lot about what happens when Mercury goes retrograde, but so far, have said nothing about what Jupiter does when he gets into that mode. Jupiter relates directly to our capacity to be open to the idea that there is more to life than what goes on here in the physical realm. In its highest expression it allows us to experience God—or not. When Jupiter is activated, our belief patterns get highlighted. This includes our spiritual leanings, but it also relates to our attitudes, our, philosophical approach, and any of the fixed ideas that we hold about life.

As far as what we believe to be true is concerned, this brings up situations in which what’s right and what’s wrong get to hold hands with what’s true and what isn’t. People tend to get polarized on one side or another over issues that get triggered by their belief patterns. If Jupiter opens us up to the possibility that God might exist, he is also part of the picture when human beings wind up killing each other off in His name.

In our current state of affairs, it’s quite obvious that people all over the planet are up in arms over issues that rest on who believes what. The nature of these conflicts covers everything from gender issues, to the political spectrum, to gun control, to things that relate directly to disparate religious concepts and practices. The rightness and wrongness of what we have decided to believe in has separated us into factions—to the point where we’re at each other’s throats, demonstrating in the streets all because everyone thinks they are absolutely “right” about whatever the issue happens to be.

The Bible tells us that there are Seven Deadly Sins. Whoever wrote it forgot to mention that the eighth deadly sin is self-righteousness. At a time when many of us claim to be operating from a place of oneness and love, to be arguing, and fighting, and taking sides, and drawing lines between ourselves and those who see things differently, over what God is to us, or over things that we are convinced are right and true is sheer hypocrisy.

If Jupiter embraces what we choose to believe, or not, when it turns retrograde it creates the opportunity for all of us to review and rethink our belief patterns in a way that just might allow us to check out our hypocrisies long enough to make room for everyone to have their own point of view. At a time when the Powers that Be are doing everything they can to keep us divided and separate, it does no good to make matters worse by playing into their hand. Between now and the 10th of June, it behooves all of us to look at where we stand and begin to realize that it is impossible to come together in unity and love when we cordon ourselves off, and cast the evil eye on to anyone who sees things differently.

Watch and see how this plays out over the next few months. There are bound to be intense interchanges that involve factions whose fanaticism is self-righteously convinced that it’s OK to either shut people out, and/or, step on everyone else’s toes. Be self-aware enough to notice the extent to which your beliefs need to include the capacity to live and let live, and know how to draw the line when it’s time to just say “no” to people whose sole intent is to shove their beliefs down your throat. Give this some thought, be prepared to open your mind and stretch your boundaries, and take what you can from this week’s ‘scopes.

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