Job Tate will represent our district’s true concerns

Dear Editor:

My wife, Monica, and I are parents to three beautiful young sons and we both agreed there would be no better place to raise them than in Vermont. So in 2011 we bought our first home in Killington. At the time we knew managing a mortgage along with high property taxes and energy costs were going to be expensive—but believed that our desire to raise our family in this beautiful region, coupled with hard work, would give us the edge in securing the American dream so many generations of Vermonters have enjoyed before us. But since that time it is breath-taking how quickly things have gotten worse. Our current representative, Anne Gallivan, has kowtowed to her party leadership and voted to raise our taxes multiple times—including our property taxes. In addition, she voted to allow the Shumlin administration to withhold their plans for how they’re going to pay for the single-payer health care system—meanwhile, hard-working Vermonters hold their breath waiting for the other $2 billion shoe to drop . . . dutifully paying their mortgage, cutting intensely high checks to pay for the lights and heat and swallowing hard as we drain our bank accounts come tax season. At this rate, home ownership in the Green Mountains will be an ever-ballooning cost burden that threatens to undermine the financial health of the working and retired alike.

That’s why I’m voting for Job Tate as our next representative this November. Job is a proven problem solver who has served, and continues to serves, with honor in our nation’s military. Job is a young husband and father himself who understands how unattractive it is becoming to sink roots here in our district, but who refuses to leave our state in such disrepair. He has vowed to work hard to lower our costs across the board and to demand immediate accountability concerning the health care debacle afflicting our state. With Job, I know I’ll be getting a rep who is more interested in empowering and representing us, than toeing the party line. He’s not a gamble, he’s a sure thing.

Francis Legayada


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