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It’s a good time to confront issues head-on

By Cassandra Tyndall

A matter you’ve been either avoiding or walking on egg shells about, may come to a head this week. We all eventually get to the proverbial line in the sand when the only way forward on an issue is to confront it.

While potentially upsetting, once you’ve sliced and diced the matter, only then will you know exactly what you’re dealing with. Getting straight to the point in a conversation may ruffle some feathers, but at least the cards are on the table.

Flared tempers mid-week may settle come the weekend. Escaping into a pastime or soul-soothing activity may inspire a flash of insight or a new intuitive understanding about a problem that was hard to find the words for, define or explain earlier in the week. This isn’t to say that everything is fine and dandy again, but you might find a way forward that you couldn’t before.

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