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Horoscopes for November 21st – 27th, 2018

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Horoscopes for November 21st – 27th, 2018


March 21 – April 20

This sense of fullness and confidence has a lot to do with the feeling that you’ve finally found what you’re looking for. If that sounds a little too confident, tone it down enough to suit yourself. The sense that nothing can shake, or rock you is stronger than ever. At times like this it’s often the case that we get slammed with our biggest tests, and wind up looking at the back side of what happens when we overstep ourselves. Remain humble and keep your ego in check. Overinflating anything could see you recouping, regrouping, and recanting a few statements before the year is out.


April 21 – May 20

The need to be there for people seems to be a constant in your life right now. Thank God you’re one of the most open hearted people on the planet. In the midst of already having too much going on, there are people to take care of and feelings to consider. You would much prefer to be having a rendezvous with anything but this. For the time being you’re going to have to find a way to take your fun wherever you can find it, and take care of yourself as best you can. There is light at the end of the tunnel, so never fear; your reward for whatever you’re giving is already on its way!


May 21 – June 20

You haven’t been this happy in a long time. And what you’re seeing is that your happiness has less to do with people, places, and things than it does with how you feel inside. Looking back on your past there’s been way too much trying to fit in to what you think is expected, or what you think someone like you should be doing. The changes of the last few years have shown you that most of that stuff is bull! So now, here you are, filled with a sense of inner peace that will serve to attract only what is good into a life that has been up in the air and full of questions for quite a while.


June 21 – July 20

The realm of possibility is looking like a whole new universe these days. God knows what happened, but you’re full of life. Regardless of what prompted the urge to get on the ball, you guys are on the case! As far as that goes, the need to be realistic is essential. Instead of going at things full bore, let God handle the details and make it your job to keep the joy sparked up. If you can follow those instructions and avoid the tendency to get too fussy about how all of this goodness needs to unfold, you will wind up with something that is amazing to behold.


July 21 – August 20

This feels like a deja-vu of an experience that brought you to the same kind of climax in a previous life. The sense that you’ve been here before is being tweaked by the fact that you might be right! Whatever’s going on don’t underestimate its importance and do everything in your power to be there for it. This will mean different things to each of you. For some, the need to stay sharp and heed the signs will be enough. For others, there is bound to be difficulty through people who lie well enough to trick you into thinking they are just what the doctor ordered.


August 21 – September 20

You aren’t as sure about your situation as you were a few months ago. All of a sudden there are doubts about whether or not your best laid plans are going to work out. It’s always hard to admit that we might have missed the boat – and even harder to admit that we invested everything into something that didn’t pan out. You’ve got your hands full. In the midst of not knowing what’s going to happen you are being called to ‘perform’ and/or work harder than usual. Keep your attitude positive and be sharp enough to make room only for that which supports your highest good.


September 21 – October 20

The people who drive us crazy are always our best teachers. This is so hard to admit, but it’s true. In your case, whoever’s making you nuts reminds you too much of _______ (Fill in the blanks) for you to be able to see them as anything but a nuisance – at best. You don’t want to be reminded of things that force you to question everything about yourself. That’s OK but; sooner or later we all have to reckon with the things that youth and denial drive us to run away from. It will be easier for you to confront the truth once you finally surrender to the idea that it sets us free.


October 21 – November 20

The need for something out of this world to come along and turn this around has made you realize that the answers are often found elsewhere. No stranger to the power of spirit, these days you’re more than open to it. No matter what it is that came along to wake you up, you’ve reached the point where you need to surrender to something greater in order to make peace with it; because this is the big stuff. Your ego and whoever it is that you think you are, are going to need to be fortified by a deeper, gentler, more compassionate you for as long as it takes to heal this.


November 21 – December 20

The sense of being ready to snap, and the idea that you have to use every trick in the book to stay on track is showing up in one form or another. Some of you are freaked out about losing it. Circumstances are always the kicker and more than a few things are at stake. For some reason, as much as you are overwhelmed, the part of you that is too proud to show any sign of weakness is carrying you on its shoulders through one of the biggest tests you’ll ever face. The end is in sight, or at least close enough for you to be able to look at the horizon and visualize clear signs of success.


December 21 – January 20

You have to find a way to rectify this situation before it gets totally out of control. Knowing when enough is enough is the key. Final decisions that relate to how much you can handle have already been made. It would be great if you could clue everyone else in, but no one is ready to hear it. Some of your recent choices have led you so far down the bunny trail, you are on the cusp of pushing your luck. It’s OK to go full bore, but before you do, get real about who you are and look at what it will take to balance the karmic see-saw in a way that allows you to thrive.


January 21 – February 20

You’re getting better at being OK with a situation that is full of complications. Something clicked and you realized that you don’t need to do anything but what you’ve done all along. Others will be there for you, or they won’t, depending on what kind of agenda they’re running. You have nothing to lose by continuing to tell it like it is. The more you are able come from that place the sooner you will weed out anyone who isn’t here for all the right reasons. Stay cool. You’ve got nothing to lose by playing the part of the one who, for once, isn’t willing to give in.


February 21 – March 20

Too much of the past has come to bear on the present. Reminders of what didn’t go right have you wracking your brain. Between the thought that you need to start all over again, and the impulse to keep on trucking, with no support and too many debts, you are at an impasse. Within this conundrum, you not only see what’s best for everyone, you sense that radical moves may be what it takes to heal things that are over and done with. When it comes time to change trust that you will have plenty of support and that others will benefit as much from your decision as you do.

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