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Horoscopes for April 23 – April 29, 2015

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Horoscopes for April 23 – April 29, 2015


March 21 – April 20

Appearances lie. This is why you need to stop judging yourself and the situation(s) that you find yourself in. Trust me; there is more to all of this than meets the eye. In moments you are totally clear about what you want. For too long the thought that it has eluded you keeps you stuck on the idea that it will keep doing so. This is your Achilles Heel. Keep your heart focused on the cure. There is a solution to the crisis that seems to have you riding out a huge chunk of Karma, on the crest of a wave that will rise or fall depending on how close you are living to your Truth.


April 21 – May 20

Another option just opened up. If you follow up on it you might be able to de-fuse some of the tension in your work area. There’s a good chance you could turn this into something incredible so don’t be too conservative about your choices right now. You’ve had your back to the wall long enough to know that you’ve got to make a move or risk falling into a systematic trap that won’t get you anywhere. Short of bailing out completely this recent development looks like a better bet than hanging around wondering if you’re going to get the axe or be forced to quit.


May 21 – June 20

Don’t assume that your productivity level will increase if you keep going. You’ve got nothing to lose by giving yourself enough space and time to come down from the changes of the last year or so. And there are unseen reasons for needing to step off the treadmill. Other people and things are about to become way more important than your ambitions and your possessions. The part of you that knows this wants to be free to find out what those things might be. Regardless of where you end up placing your focus you need to get grounded and clear before you can do anything.


June 21 – July 20

You’re much better off than you were a few months ago. You’ve pulled yourselves up by the bootstraps – or at least taken advantage of the desire to resurrect and improve by clearing all of the dead wood out of your life. For some of you things are still in disarray. Anything that is left hanging will drive you nuts until it’s dealt with. This will probably include people who aren’t OK with your decisions. It could also include situations and behaviors that always seem to crop up whenever you’re on the verge of a breakthrough. Don’t let any of it interfere with your growth.


July 21 – August 20

You wish you could get someone to sweat the small stuff because the big stuff is enough to keep you busy till doomsday. It’s hard to say how all of this is affecting you. There are bound to be fears of one sort or another. In between the places where you lose the sense of having any purpose whatsoever, you are more than aware that there is much more to all of this than you ever dreamed of. Don’t be surprised if the greater part of you decides to rearrange everything about the way you see things. This will totally overhaul and rectify the balance in your relationships.


August 21–September 20

You can’t avoid the truth too much longer. What you keep blaming on others isn’t their fault. The fact that it keeps happening is a small indication that you have something to do with it. If you’re coming up short in the relationship department it’s quite possible that you aren’t willing to accept others for what they are. No one likes to be told what to do and they like it even less when you tell them who they can be. Before you even think about correcting other people’s behavior you might want to check in and ask yourself why you can’t take them as they come.


September 21 – October 20

LIBRA: September 21 – October 20
Don’t be too quick to write everything off as if life is written in black and white. In your attempts to balance your reality you can’t dismiss the emotional component. Your intuition plays a huge part in things too – so don’t second guess every thought. Most of what’s bubbling to the surface is telling you to move on. If part of you is still stuck in the idea that you have to have a plan, or that you can’t do this until you finish that, get over it. This is no time to be wondering about certainty. All you really have to go on are the feelings that are prompting you to change.


October 21 – November 20

You can’t keep up with the rate of change and you feel like you’re being swept along with the tide. If out of control defines it, you can take comfort in knowing that this state comes in many different flavors. Instead of clinging to the idea that you’ll have this all figured out someday you’d do better to realize that it’s bound to keep changing no matter what you do to try to make it perfect. Let go. Stop over analyzing and/or trying to manage things that defy logic. At this point staying on top of things has more to do with how good you are at letting them go.


November 21 – December 20

With everyone coming to you for advice and support you might as well hang up a sign and start charging an hourly rate. At this point you could use a little counseling yourself! I don’t know what all of this is about but it bears a whiff of wishing you were better at making the best of things. For some reason you always seem to wind up in power struggles over principles that keep you at odds with others and out of harmony with yourelf. You could lift this veil of depression with a few days of rest and enough time to let everyone get back in touch with themselves.


December 21 – January 20

Your next move is bound to rock the boat but you’ve got nothing to lose. It almost doesn’t matter how far you decide to take this because others are already expecting you to blow them away and they will be disappointed by anything less. Scandals and gossip of one sort or another have made you the object of more than one conversation; don’t expect it to stop and don’t let it get to you. If you feel confused as to why life has gone out of control, or why you feel so totally at odds with it, relax, stop judging yourself; this is just what happens when you decide to step out of the box.


January 21 – February 20

You’ve been nursing the same idea forever. What hasn’t come to pass may not have as much to do with your happiness as you think it does. There are fears that have you wondering how safe it is to change your approach in the middle of things and deeper concerns that make you think there has to be another way to get where you want to go. If anything you have the right to change your mind. In doing so you could easily find yourself manifesting everything you ever dreamed of. Think on it. This is no time to get picky about the way things unfold on the path to fulfillment.


February 21 – March 20

The people in your life have given you more than enough to deal with. Reflecting on your own issues, who knows what you’d find if you had the time to sit down and look at it. Making things turn out for the best is about to involve you slowing down long enough to tune in to the real truth; because things have changed and it’s time for you to step away from being the one to handle it all for everyone else. Weaning yourself from the need to superintend everything is part of this. Is there an outside possibility that you could trust someone else to take care of it?

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